Instagram Swipe-Up Links Replaced With Link Stickers

Instagram Swipe-Up Link Replaced With Link Sticker |


  • Instagram replaced its “Swipe-Up” Gesture with “Link-Stickers”.
  • Instagram’s “Link-Stickers” feature allows users to add an external link for Stories.
  • Instagram users use stickers for hashtags, mentions, location, caption, quiz, etc.

Facebook-owned video and photo-sharing platform Instagram has recently announced about replacing its “Swipe Up” feature replaced with “Link-Stickers”.

Notification received by Instagram users, “Swipe-Up links will soon be Stickers”, starting from August, 30. Use a new Link-Sticker to your stories to drive more relevant traffic.

Instagram says integrity and safety will be the key focus. So, Instagram keeping an eye on the links shared by users to stop spreading misinformation and spam.

Instagram stated that only some users that have more than 10k followers will have access to the “Link-Stickers” first, then slowly available for other users as well.

You can use a variety of stickers for your Instagram stories like location sticker, donation sticker, gif sticker, mention sticker, hashtag sticker, question sticker, countdown sticker, poll sticker, or emoji slider sticker, etc.

Instagram Link Sticker: 

Instagram’s new gesture “Link Sticker” allows its users to add an external link to their Instagram stories. Some key advantages of using this over the older ‘swipe-up’ link are:

  • Instagram users are more comfortable using stickers to highlight locations, tag someone, polls, etc.
  • Link-sticker is the easiest way to promote your products, or services via Instagram.
  • A most important advantage of using Link-Sticker is it allows viewers to engage with a story while the swipe-up feature didn’t.

Steps to add  Link-Sticker to Instagram Story

  • Open the Instagram app to your smartphones or laptops.
  • Swipe Left, tap on Create, select Story, then using media create your interesting story for your viewers. 
  • Tap on the “Sticker” icon display at the top, add your link.
  • Send the story as usually you do. 
  • Now you can track your metrics to optimize your CTR (Click Through Rate). 

Ways to add link, if you don’t have 10,000 followers

  • Upload a 30/60 seconds video to your Instagram. 
  • Type “Get the Link”.
  • Copy and paste the link you want to click by users, post your video to IGTV.
  • Tap on the paper plane icon under your new IGTV video, on your feed.
  • Click on “Add video to your Story”, tap on the link icon given on the top of your screen.
  • Select the option ‘+ IGTV Video’, following which select the IGTV video with the link that you just created. Press Done.

Now, start experimenting with the new “Link-Sticker” feature!

Instagram Swipe-Up Links Replaced With Link Stickers

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